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The purchased goods will be delivered by our couriers to the address provided by the customer during the order, and will be accompanied by DDT (Transport Document), while the invoice will be sent via email to the email address communicated by the customer.

  The customer will be notified by telephone by the courier to arrange delivery, therefore it is important that the customer provides a telephone number when ordering where he always answers.

It is not possible to move the delivery beyond 48 hours from notice. In the event of the Customer's absence on the day and place agreed with the carrier (and in any case in the event of the Customer not being available once they have been shipped) the goods will be deposited in the courier's local warehouse and the stock status will be opened. In this case, the costs that D.L.Service Div. E-Commerce will incur for this service will be charged to the Customer.

Couriers deliver at street level and the porterage service is excluded. When ordering, the customer is required to communicate whether delivery must be made in a disadvantaged area.

Disadvantaged areas are all those places that are difficult to reach due to distance or conformation of the territory (e.g. islands, restricted traffic zones, historic centres, alleys, etc.). To deliver to these destinations, couriers require longer delivery times and paying an extra commission.

If during the delivery phase the customer requests redelivery to another address or communicates that the delivery is to be made in a disadvantaged area, storage will be opened and the customer will be invoiced for the costs of opening the procedure and returning the goods.

Couriers make deliveries from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. If there are delays due to the courier, this delay is not attributable to the D.L.Service Div. E-Commerce.

All products leave intact from the manufacturing companies' warehouses and are packaged with resistant materials to guarantee the safety of the products during transport. Before loading the packages onto the truck, the couriers inspect them to verify that they are perfectly intact, then they load.

At the time of delivery, the customer has the burden of responsibility for checking the package, and is required to check that the package has not suffered damage and that it is intact (not wet, punctured, folded, without a platform or anything else).


If the package shows tampering, breakages or otherwise, the customer is required to report it to the courier who made the delivery and to accept the goods with "CONTROL RESERVE FOR....." describing in detail the damage found on the appropriate accompanying document which the customer must sign.

If the package is delivered inclined or in a non-vertical position, the words: "PACKAGE UNLOADED WITH AN ABNORMAL POSITION" must be indicated on the transport document and on the waybill.

Any damage must be reported in the presence of the courier and indicated on the documents accompanying the goods and countersigned by both.

If the courier has a PDA, the customer will have to photograph the screen of the PDA with the clearly legible signature and the specific reservation added.

The customer is required to send us the "damage certification" documentation including the signed DDT and photos of the damage suffered, no later than 8 days after unloading, as required by law.

It is important to keep the packaging until the integrity of the package has been completely verified. In case of replacement, the packaging will be reused by the customer to avoid transport damage when returned to our warehouses.

The customer must ensure that the product is packaged perfectly as he received it to avoid further damage during transport. Furthermore, the customer will be notified of the collection and will have to place the package outside the premises to make it easier for the courier to collect the product.

Before collection, the customer is required to send photos of the packaged product to verify whether it is suitable for collection. Without packaging it will not be possible to proceed with collection.

If the customer refuses the delivery and upon return to our warehouse the integrity of the machine is ascertained and only the presence of altered or degraded packaging is ascertained, the customer will be invoiced for the costs of delivery and return of the goods.

Collections made directly by the customer or by the carrier appointed by him are excluded from these conditions.

ATTENTION! If the customer signs the document for any reason certifying that the package has arrived intact or by placing a generic reservation, the customer will not be able to claim any damage due to transport to the D.L.Service Div. E-Commerce.

Delivery time

Delivery times will be indicated in the order confirmation that the Customer will receive after managing the online order. The Customer can request the order progress status at any time by contacting our operators or sending an e-mail. If there are delays due to the manufacturing company, the D.L.Service Div. e-commerce will promptly communicate it to the Customer.

In this case, any delays cannot be attributed to the Legislative Decree. Service Div. e-commerce and cannot be considered by the Customer for claims for damages.

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